Inna di Video Light, Internet_Dollz; was a multi channeled video installation on the noisy world of dancehall virtual and IRL. The work was a collaboration between the visual artist Anna Rokka and Rut Karin Zettergren and their Internet_Dollz; two It-Girl cyborgs alteregos, the videographer Denis Brown, Jamaican dancehall musicians and dancers like Dhq:s Twin Stars, Destiny Sparta, Pinkey Britsh, Shelly Belly, Lizard Hype, Tommy Lee Sparta and many more....

At Sinne in Helsinki, Finland- 27.1- 4.3.2018
At Titanik in Åbo, Finland 3-.11 - 26.11.2017
At Galleri 54 in Gothenburg , Sweden 6.9 - 1.10.2017

The project sprung from an idea in 2009 when I and R K Zettergren first meet and we realized we shared two passions; the love for dancehall music and dance video making. Project was supported by KONE Bold initiatives, Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland, Kordelin.

Currently rethinking the project. Even though we by the wide amount of various footage, tried to raise the complexity of the reality of how popular cultures spread through the Internet: After being imitated/recreated/traveled with real-life youth. We tried to show our appreciation of the dancehall culture by mainly focusing on the amazing work of the creators of Dancehall... but first, after completing the work, I feel I can separate myself from the actual project and I understand that it was a very difficult process to try to be both inside the nightlife of the real-life Dancehall scene and at the same time more than anything else still being a European outsider, passer-by, we didn't problematize our white bodies enough through the work... And honestly, I am not sure these kinds of projects can be done on fairgrounds when the initial initiative comes from a curious outsider.