2013-2016, first edition of video installation Inna di Videolight a collaboration with Rut Karin Zettergren was showen at Mänttä Kuvantaideviikko 2014.
Kone Foundation´s support this project under Bold project grants.
At the Dancehall. Tonight: Close your eyes! AFK (away from keyboard) You watch and get watched, film and become filmed, upload and get uploaded, give and get likes...we almost poke them out with our long plastic nails as they swing in vibrant dance.

The work is a product of today's self-broadcasting culture; we investigate
these phenomena by stepping into the limelight, becoming a part of this game ourselves.

The final video installation will become a vibrant, rhythmic and intense experience set inside a dark atmospheric environment with shiny cd discs covering the floors. We want the viewer to be enclosed in a world filled with music, dancing and drama, getting caught by it, transformed, leave everyday life and enter a parallel world order.