Inna di Video Light, Internet_Dollz; was a multi channeled video installation on the noisy world of dancehall virtual and IRL. The work was a collaboration between the visual artist Anna Rokka and Rut Karin Zettergren and their Internet_Dollz; two It-Girl cyborgs alteregos, the videographer Denis Brown, Jamaican dancehall musicians and dancers like Dhq:s Twin Stars, Destiny Sparta, Pinkey Britsh, Shelly Belly, Lizard Hype, Tommy Lee Sparta and many more....

At Sinne in Helsinki, Finland- 27.1- 4.3.2018
At Titanik in Åbo, Finland 3-.11 - 26.11.2017
At Galleri 54 in Gothenburg , Sweden 6.9 - 1.10.2017

The project sprung from an idea in 2009 when I and R K Zettergren first meet and we realized we shared two passions; the love for dancehall music and dance video making. Project was supported by KONE Bold initiatives, Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland, Kordelin.

->Currently rethinking the project. Even though we by the wide amount of various footage, tried to raise the complexity of the reality of how popular cultures spread through the Internet: After being imitated/recreated/traveled with real-life youth. We tried to show our appreciation of the dancehall culture by mainly focusing on the amazing work of the creators of Dancehall... but first, after completing the work, I feel I can separate myself from the actual project and I understand that it was a very difficult process to try to be both inside the nightlife of the real-life Dancehall scene and at the same time more than anything else still being a European outsider, passer-by, we didn't problematize our white bodies enough through the work... And honestly, I am not sure these kinds of projects can be done on fairgrounds when the initial initiative comes from a curious outsider.